De Laurentiis announced UEFA’s appeal for Liverpool


President of Napoli  Aurelio De Laurentiis announced the appeal of UEFA because of the fact that his club in the Champions League will play in the group together with PSG and Liverpool, and, as he says, it is impossible for the finalist of the most elite football competition in Europe last season to be in the third hat.

The first bearer was the champion of France, the PSG team, while Napoli as second-placed from the Serie A won the place in the second hat. However, with the will of the ranks, Liverpool and Red Star were chosen in this group, and for this reason this group was declared a “death group”.

It is certain that the least chance for a pass is a Serbian team, and the big battle will be run between PSG, Napoli and Liverpool for the first two positions leading to the finals.

However, the first club man from Naples believes that Liverpool as the finalist of last year’s Champions League can not be in the third hat, probably aware that Napoli will be difficult to win one of the first two positions.

“We are upset by this outcome, and I’m sure I will ask for some explanation from UEFA, Liverpool, who played last season in the Champions League final, was in the third group, so it is simply not normal and we will be complaining “said De Laurentiis.

Napoli in the first three rounds of Serie A recorded two wins and one defeat, and in the last lap they lost to Sampdoria with a convincing 3: 0.

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