New “Rolerkoster” Begins Premiership


Again, all in fear of Manchester City and Pep Guardiola, after more than two decades next to the Arsenal autobahn, the Frenchman will not walk the French, but Swansea. Arsene Wenger is the former, Unai Emery is now embracing the Emirates. Jose Mourinho complains, his Manchester United remains impatient, and bettors estimate their breakthrough. Liverpool is all the more dangerous, Chelsea is waiting for Sarri’s fruits, and Tottenham trusts in a known weapon. And the rest will ask something, but the “six” man is silent and dressed. Premiership starts. Edition 18/19.

Premiership season season announcements become more spectacular, but not “violence,” than it really is. England’s greatest football pitch is constantly growing and is even more interesting so that we are again waiting for the season we expect a lot, a season that offers a great deal of uncertainty, regardless of whether Manchester City was unbeatable last season and re-favored.

Before the beginning of this season we knew about a new one, which is that the summer transition period will be completed before the start of the championship. Thus, Premiership transaction transfers were suspended yesterday at 17 o’clock in British time. Realistically, we did not see bombastic transfers to the Island, at least not in comparison with those transfers that had happened earlier. But, that does not undermine the fact that the quality of the league is increased and that almost everyone has a stronger team.

The fact that the two most expensive entry transfers owned by two goalkeepers (Kepa Arrizabalaga in Chelsea for £ 71.6 million and Alison Becker in Liverpool for £ 67 million) is really unusual, and quite a lot of talk about the fact that the teams did not bring up the first order. However, the fact that almost no bigger team sold the standard players, on the other hand, expanded its staff to really good players (Riyadh Mahrez in Manchester City, Fred in Manchester United, Jorginho and Mateo Kovacic in Chelsea, Naby Keita, Fabinho and Xherdan Shaqiri in Liverpool ….) talks about the strength of the teams.

Besides, there has not been much change in the benches, and the clubs that changed the coaches did so in a way that they had a big name again. Maurizio Sarri is now sitting on Chelsea’s bench instead of Antonio Conte, for which he does not have to spend a lot of words. Instead of Arsene Wenger, Unai Emery arrived at the wound in Barcelona, ​​while leading Paris Saint-Germain, but no one forgets what he has been leading to Seville. At West Ham, now Manuel Pellegrini, Manchester City Premiership winner, former coach of Real from Madrid and Villarreal …

Everton will again have great expectations ahead of his ambitions on the last day of the transition when he brought Yerry Min from Barcelona, ​​Bernardo from Everton and Andrea Gomez from Barcelona, ​​and earlier came Richarlison from Watford for £ 40m. In addition, there is also a new coach for Marco Silva on the bench, where many see a great professional.

It’s hard to find the right thing about the Premiership, it’s hard to choose the right time to announce a new season because there are so many things that are interesting. Still, there are inevitable forecasts and the right question is how much to bet.

There are big doubts at Old Trafford where there is much anticipation of the departure of Jose Mourinho. Well, this is his third season at the club. And we know what for Mourinho means “third season”. The Portuguese complained much during the preparation, and his image is such that his unfortunate public generally does not want to justify, but criticize.

Mourinho complained that there were no players at all in preparations for the United States, and he did not conceal any disadvantage either because of the work his team did on the market. In the end, United remained without the much-desired reinforcements at stake positions. He tried with Harry Maguire, Toby Alderweireld, Jerome Boateng … And as a final blow came the rejection of Diego Godin. In the end it turned out that Godin came in contact with United just to ease the deal with Atletico Madrid.

The only great boost was Fred coming from Shadar, but Fred’s reinforcement epithetics still need to justify, so his quality should only be shown at a high level. So, United has brought an expensive name (61.2 million pounds), but the question is whether it is a player who will become an indispensable start-up factor. But his arrival means a lot, especially now that Mourinho’s favorite Nemanja Matic was hurt.

In the second part of Manchester, things are a lot different. The team that moved past the English Football League last season has been further intensified and now looks for ways to continue dominating. Pep Guardiola gained the biggest boost in Riyadh Mahrez, and he wanted to empower the central part of the tie. He wanted Jorginho who finished in Chelsea …

City is a big favorite and it will be hard to stop someone else. Simply put, the rule of nature is going to be “wired” to Citizens because their team at age is only entering the best age at this point, and at the club there is a trainer who is in the best training years and who is very hungry.

The biggest threat to City now stands out for Liverpool, because Jurgen Klopp had an excellent transition time. He saved the team who came to the Champions League final and upgraded it with several excellent players. Liverpool is now “twisted” from head to toe and just needs to watch those “slippery” terrains when playing against all those Watford, Brighton and similar teams. Only? Well, it’s not that simple when it comes to Klopp and Reds, but these are the obstacles that must be overcome if you want to run the right race with City.

For Arsenal and Chelsea it can be said that in the transition phase, both teams, especially Arsenal, greatly change their philosophy this summer, and the evidence of such a claim lies in the change of coach. Of course, a lot of hard work has Emery who has replaced the legendary Wenger and now the real question is how Arsenal will “shoot”. Even Chelsea did not make a small change. Conte and Sarri are very different, and the big problem for Sarri is that Chelsea does not play the Champions League this season, and that would be a big failure if it was repeated next season …

The team expected and much and little is Tottenham. It’s unusual when one team does not go to the market and keeps the team that he had and that’s why the questionnaire over Tottenham. But that can be both great and disastrous for Tottenham. Great for the reason that they really have a top team that progresses year after year, at least individually. It could be a tedious thing if the team were tired and the atmosphere was not good because it was not a small number of Tottenhama players who were aware that they were capable of big trophies and Tottenham had not put anything into their showcases for years.

There will be many more stories about it, all starting tonight at 21:00 at Old Trafford Manchester United playing against Leicester City. At least when it comes to this league it is worth repeating who survives the talk.

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