Frequent target of criticism


Brazilian footballer and PSG striker Neymar said he often suffered on the ground as opponents constantly flaunting, adding that many fans can not imagine what he is experiencing in the field.

Neymar has drawn a lot of attention to the World Championships in Russia because of the constant rolling on the field, and we remind him that he suffered a severe injury from the foot just before the start of Mundial.

“They hit me with a cramp at the helm, I got kicked in the spine, I’m walking at my feet, and though some think I’m exaggerating, sometimes I really do so in the field, you can not even imagine what I’m going through,” he said. and continued:

“I struggle to keep the boy in it, sometimes you think I’m falling too far, but I actually break up.” It hurts more than just the punch of a manuscript, and only the one who falls can get up and I have long to accept criticism and become a new man, “he said.

Neymar will be the main player of the PSG next season, a team that has as their main goal won the Champions League, and in the past season, they were in the eighth finals of the three-time consecutive Champions of Europe – Real Madrid. It is the Real Madrid team with whom Neymar has recently been linked, but it seems that from his transfer to the Santiago Bernabeu there will be nothing for now.

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