President of Rome about the transfer of Malcom


The president of Rome is bitter at Barcelona, ​​who Roma has “kidnapped” Malcolm, the late player of Bordeaux. Malcom was supposed to sign for Rom, but Barcelona stopped and brought Malcom to his ranks. Pallotta said Barcelona would only forgive if they send Messi in Rome.

Malcom allegedly agreed with Rom and was expecting to appear in Rome to officially become a Roma team player, but Barcelona intervened and the 21-year-old wing from Brazil led to his ranks.

“Barcelona has intervened unethically, Monchi had an agreement with the agent of the player, we have filed a lawsuit, and it seems that Bordeaux will have to testify, but yesterday we are being apologized by Barcelona, ​​but I do not accept the apology. “Pallotta said.

Malcom is a player who has been looking for many clubs, and in the end he has gone to Barcelona for 41 million, even though he had an agreement with Roma.

The Rome Sports Director has described the whole case as saying that the president of Bordeaux from Rome demanded a bigger number than the one offered by Barcelona. After Roma for the first time raised the figure they offered, they came from Bordeaux to want to continue as Barcelona took the lead. Then Monchi gave up “because he did not want to participate in the auction”.

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