Özil withdrew from the German national team


Mesut Özil found himself in Germany’s criticism of photographing with Turkish President Erdogan, and the debut at the World Cup only deepened the agony that ended today by pulling a 30-year-old footballer from the national team.

Arsenal’s midfielder in an open letter posted on Twitter accused the media of turning the nation against him.

“If a journalist or commentator finds a mistake in my game, then I can accept them.” “I’m not a perfect player, and that can only motivate me to do better.” However, I can not accept what media in Germany is persistently guilty of my multi-ethnic affiliation and the most common photo for failure the whole team at the World Championships After a difficult heart and after many thoughts I decided not to play for the team until I felt racial hatred and disrespect I used to wear a German jersey with great pride and excitement, but this is no longer a case, this was a very difficult decision , because I have always been doing my best for teammates, coaches and wonderful people in Germany, but when high alliance officials do not respect my Turkish roots and use me personally as a political propaganda, then it’s really enough. “Rasizam should never be accepted, says Özil’s statement, which has been published in several parts and quite extensively.

The German also said he would no longer be a victim of his inability and inability to do his job properly.

“Are there any criteria to become a real German and not to fit in? My friends Lucas Podolski and Miroslav Klose are never called Germans – Poles, why am I German – Turk. Because I’m a Muslim? “concluded Özil.



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