Antonio Cassano spoke about Cristiano


Antonio Cassano believes Max Allegri is “the perfect coach for Cristiano Ronaldo and that he can score 30, 40 goals per season” in Juventus.

Real Madrid’s Golden Ball winner has been shocked by the world of football, not so much for the 100 m euro damages, but by leaving the ranks three times in a row at the Champions League.

Vanity Fair set Ronaldo on the cover and released portions of the Cassano interview with Portugal.

“He has a gift from the mother of nature, but also his mentality, consistency of training, professionalism, all the things I hate,” Antonio admitted.

“He has always been focused and will remain in history forever as one of the greatest and he deserves this success because he earned it by his talent but above all by the hard work.” I was happy when I played for Real Madrid in the Galacticos. Real is bigger than any champion, even the one who has scored 450 goals, so I’m not surprised to have sold it, they did not even have David Beckham, Ronaldo and Raul, so they can survive without him, this is an excellent deal for all sides, from Juventus president Andree Agnelli to those who sell sandwiches at Juventus stadium, Cristiano will have a great new experience, Juve will give him a good salary, but he will be happy because they have bought him cheaply for 100 million euros, ” said Cassano.

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