Arena Baltika, a small stadium in Kaliningrad


Today, the final of the 12 stadium stadiums in which the World Cup game will be played in Russia will be on display.

Arena Baltika, the stadium in Kaliningrad, is the last completed Russian stadium, and the opening ceremony was held only ten days ago.

During the Mundial, the Kalinjingrad stadium will be called, and  Russian the second lige  player Baltika will play on it after the end of the Mundial.

The stadium capacity of which has cost $ 300 million, is the smallest of the 12 in which to play the championship (35,212), and after the end of the Tundai the capacity will be reduced to 10,000 seats.

Four matches will be played at this stadium:

June 16: Croatia – Nigeria (Group D)
June 22: Serbia – Switzerland (Group E)
June 25: Spain – Morocco (Group B)
June 28: England – Belgium (Group G)

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