Yekaterinburg Arena, the weirdest stadium in the world


Today we present the final of the twelve stadiums where the World Championships will be played and the only one in the Asian section of Russia.

The Yekaterinburg Central Stadium, which during the Mundial would wear the Yekaterinburg Arena, was built back in 1957, but the renovation that ended in 2017 has taken the title of the strangest stadium in the world.

Namely, the stadium built in the Golden Age of the USSR was renovated in 2011 but had a capacity of 27,000 seats, which did not meet the conditions for playing the World Championships.

In order to expand the stadium to 35,000 seats, what is the minimum for holding the Mundial match, the Ural leaders, the club owned by the stadium, have decided to expand the North and South tribunes so that a total of 18,000 seats are located outside the stadium.

So, after the completion of the renovation in 2017, they had a capacity of 35,696 seats, but immediately after the end of the Taliban, the northern and southern tribunes will be demolished and the stadium will receive only 23,000 viewers.

Four matches will be played at this stadium:

June 15: Egypt – Uruguay (Group A)
June 21: France – Peru (Group C)
June 24: Japan – Senegal (Group H)
27. Mexico – Sweden (Group F)

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