Kosmos Arena, a beauty built next to garbage dump


Today, it has come to the fore for the presentation of ten of the twelve stadiums where the World Cup will be played in Russia.

Kosmos Arena is located in Samaria, and is also one of the stadiums specially built for the World Cup.

The original idea was to build a stadium on a peninsula where the Volga and Samara rivers were merged, but this idea was abandoned because of poor infrastructure or inaction.

Instead, a $ 320 million stadium was built in the north of the city and bordered by the garbage dump near Lake Šišiga.

The construction began in 2014, and the stadium is officially opened on April 28 this year.

The stadium, which receives 44,198 spectators, is the home of Kril Soviet, who will play again in the Russian elite next season.

Six matches of the Mundial will be played at this stadium:

June 17: Costa Rica – Serbia (Group E)
June 21: Denmark – Australia (Group C)
June 25: Uruguay – Russia (Group A)
June 28: Senegal – Colombia (Group H)
2nd July: Eighth finals (first placed in group E – second group F)
July 7: Quarterfinal

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