Mordovija Arena, a copy of the largest South African stadium


Today, we will present nine of the twelve stadiums where the World Championships in Russia will play.

Mordovija Arena is located in Saransk, a town of 300,000 inhabitants and will host only four matches of the Mundial, all in the group stage of the competition.

The construction of the stadium started eight years ago and is a copy of the Soccer City stadium, the largest South African stadium that hosted the first and final matches of Mundial in 2010.

However, the Mordovija Arena is only half the size and only receives 44,442 spectators, and after the World Cup finals the capacity will be reduced to just 28,000, as the local club Mordovija will expect performances in the third league of Russia next season.

At this stadium will be played four games of Mundial:

June 16: Peru – Denmark (Group C)
June 19: Colombia – Japan (group H)
June 25: Iran – Portugal (Group B)
June 28: Panama – Tunisia (Group G)

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