Rostov Arena, Russia’s newest stadium


We are continuing to represent the stadium where the World Cup will be played in Russia, and today is the seventh of the 12 stadiums, Rostov Arena.

The Rostov Arena is located in Rostov on Don, and is the latest of 12 Russian stadiums, and is open on April 15 this year.

The construction of the stadium started in 2013, and five well-preserved grenades from the Second World War were found during excavation.

The Rostov Arena can boast that it is one of the few stadiums in Russia whose construction has not been postponed, and it is all finished within the deadline.

The stadium is located on the southern bank of the Don River, which is almost completely uninhabited, and new buildings are expected to be built around it to expand the city.

The stadium capacity is exactly 45,000 seats. After Mundiala will be reduced to 37,868, and will play his domestic matches on Rostov.

At this stadium will be played five games of Mundiala:

June 17: Brazil – Switzerland (Group E)
20th June: Uruguay – Saudi Arabia (Group A)
June 23: South Korea – Mexico (Group F)
June 26: Island – Croatia (Group D)
2nd July: Eighth finals (first placed in group G – second group H)

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