Otkritije Arena, a stadium that keeps the Spartak gladiator


We have come to the half of the stadium where the World Championships in Russia will be played.

The sixth stadium we will present today is in Moscow and the home of Spartak.

The stadium is officially called the Otkritije Arena (as you can assume, the “otkritije” in Russian means “discovery”), and during the Mundial it will simply call it – Spartak Stadium.

The stadium, which was largely funded by Spartacus Leonid Fedun, was built on the ruins of the Tušino airport and in its original plans it was supposed to receive 35,000.

But in 2010, when it was about to begin construction, the project was rejected, and by assigning Russia to the Organization of Taliban its capacity was expanded to more than 10,000, and will feature 45,360 people on the World Cup.

The stadium, whose construction cost $ 430 million, was officially opened in September 2014 against the Red Star, and decorated with two statues. On the lawn in front of the north tribune there are statues of the brothers Starostin who founded Spartak, and in front of the stadium is the statue of the gladiator himself Spartak high 24.5 meters.

At this stadium will be played five games of Mundiala:

June 16: Argentina – Island (Group D)
June 19: Poland – Senegal (group H)
June 23: Belgium – Tunisia (Group G)
June 27: Serbia – Brazil (Group E)
July 3rd: Eighth final (first placed in group H – second group G)

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