And they love football


Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry have often been associated with various clubs in recent years, and English media have published the names of clubs that support members of the royal family.

Of the clubs most remembered as those who are supported by members of the royal family, Arsenal, West Ham and Chelsea stand out.

Regarding Queen Elizabeth II, according to the English media, she is a fan club for West Ham, and she has a very good opinion of Arsenal, who led Arsene Wenger in 2007. It is also said that the most impressive of the Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas .

Prince Charles in 2012 revealed that Burnley was a fan and immediately received a VIP season ticket from the club. Also, he gave the answer to the question of why he cheers for this club.

“Burnley has been through difficult times and I am trying to find ways to help restore and raise self-esteem in that part of the world,” he said.

Prince Cambridge Prince Wiliam is an avid fan of Aston Villa, and he is a frequent visitor to Villa Park ever since he was a child. In 2006, he became the president of the English football association and often stayed in repreciation and FA Cup matches.

Prince Harry is the second cry of the club he feels, while in New Zealand he discovered that most members of the royal family are clinging to Arsenal, while Kate Middleton is supporting Chelsea.

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