Fišt, the home of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi


Over the past two days, we have presented the two largest Russian stadiums, Lužniki and Krestovskij, and today you will be able to get acquainted with the only stadium that will host the World Cup, which does not play football matches in the Russian championship.

It’s about the Fištas soccer stadium in Sochi, which does not host any of the Russian teams.

As the name itself says, the stadium was built for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi and will become the second stadium after the Olympic Stadium in Turin, which will host both ZOI and SP.

A $ 779 million was invested in the construction of the stadium for the ZOI, and after the end of the game the stadium had to be partially demolished to be ready for the Cup Confederation and the World Cup.

The stadium, located on the Black Sea coast, was closed during the ZOI, and the roof had to be partially collapsed, and the stands behind the goals were extended, and the stadium now has a very unusual shape, as well as 47,659 seats, making it the third largest stadium for SP.

Renovation cost $ 46 million, and the total stadium cost rose to $ 835 million.

Six matches of the Mundial will be played at this stadium:

June 15: Portugal – Spain (Group B)
June 18: Belgium – Panama (Group G)
June 23: Germany – Sweden (Group F)
June 26: Australia – Peru (Group C)
June 30th: Eighth finals (Group A winner – second group B)
July 7: Quarterfinal

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