Krestovsky, the most expensive football stadium in the world


After the largest Russian stadium that will host the World Championships, the cult of Moscow Lužniki, we present Krestovskij, the Zenit stadium from St. Petersburg.

The leaders of the Sankt Peterburg team have planned to move from the stadium to Petrovskij, which has received 21,000 spectators, moving to a new stadium with a capacity of 40,000 seats.

Construction of the stadium, which carries the names of the St. Petersburg Stadium and the Zenit Arena, started in 2007 and the main financier was Gazprom, which was supposed to call the stadium.

But in 2009, the Russian oil company withdrew from the project, and the Zenite leaders found themselves in a very unfortunate situation. However, the rescue arrived very quickly. In December 2010, Russia received the World Cup organization, and Vladimir Putin decided to build a stadium in his hometown with the money of taxpayers.

The only requirement was that instead of the 40,000 Zenit, the stadium would accept 70,000. Although the leaders of the Sankt Peterburg team initially rejected Putin’s proposal since the Zenith match was monitored by some 17,000 people, they eventually found a compromise and agreed to the capacity of 68,134 seats, subject to the state covering the stadium after Mundial.

The cost of building the stadium on Krestovskij Island in the original draft was $ 250 million, but by changing the price plan, it has jumped to as much as $ 1.5 billion, and in April 2017 Krestovskij became the most expensive football stadium in the world, capturing Wembley, whose construction cost $ 1.47 billion.

It was the final of the Confederation Cup last year between Germany and Chile, and it was expected that the finalists of the Mundial would play, but that honor had come to Moscow’s Lužniki.

There will be seven matches in this stadium at Mundial:

June 15: Morocco – Iran (Group B)
June 19: Russia – Egypt (Group A)
June 22: Brazil – Costa Rica (Group E)
June 26: Nigeria – Argentina (Group D)
3rd July: Eighth finals (first placed in group F – second group E)
July 10: Semi-finals
July 14: match for third place

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