Lužniki, the largest and most luxurious Russian stadium


Russia’s World Cup will start soon, and we will present all the stadiums on which the 2018 World Cup match will be played.

Today we present the biggest and most luxurious Russian stadium that will host the biggest match on Mundial, including the first and last tournament, located in Moscow.

Of course, it is Lužniki, a stadium built in 1956, which hosted the Olympic Games in 1980, and its renovation specially for the World Championship started in 2013.

Considering the scope of the work, including the athletics track and the reception of the terrain, the renovation lasted for four years and the capacity was extended from 78,000 to 80,000 seats. The cost of reconstruction, the third in history (the stadium was renovated earlier in 1997 and 2004), amounted to 350 million euros.

Apart from the Olympics, when the capacity of the stadium, which was then named after Lenin, was as many as 103,000 seats, this Moscow stadium hosted many of the great sports events including the 1957 World Ice Hockey Championship finals between Sweden and the USSR Champions League 2008 between Manchester United and Chelsea when artificial grass was replaced only natural for that encounter and the World Athletics Championships in 2013.

Of the non-sports events the most significant was the Moscow Musical Peace Festival, which lasted for two days in 1989, featuring Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne … Madonna also held an unforgettable concert in 2006.

There will be seven matches in this stadium at Mundial:

June 14: Russia – Saudi Arabia (Group A)
June 17: Germany – Mexico (Group F)
June 20: Portugal – Morocco (Group B)
June 26: Denmark – France (Group C)
July 1st: Eighth finals (first placed in group B – second group A)
July 11: Semi-finals
July 15: Final

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