Riots in Hamburg


HSV fans in the 2nd Bundesliga have been extremely difficult to beat, and they have not allowed the match against Gladbach in the last round of the Bundesliga to be over.

HSV in the final round needed a victory against Gladbach with Wolfsburg’s kicks against the already canceled Cologne.

HSV led 11 minutes into the penalty kick from Hunta and 1: 1 was settled by Drmic in the 28th minute. Holtby returned HSV to the lead in the 63rd minute, but it was not enough for the team to save the relegation into the lower ranking of the competition for the first time in 55 years, or since the founding of the Bundesliga.

Played 90 + 2. minutes of meeting at the Volksparkstadion when Hamburgers’ fans found out that Wolfsburg had celebrated and then pushed their club to 2nd Bundesliga, and the furious decided to break the match.

They made the torch, and the torches were then thrown into the field, and the arbiter Felix Brych interrupted the match. Individuals tried to skip the fence and enter the field, but that was all prevented in time as hundreds of special police officers entered the field to protect players.

After ten minutes, the fans who caused the incident were forced out of the stadium, and Brych allowed to play the remaining two minutes of referee compensation, after which he played the end of the match.



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