Klopp: I think Salah simulated


Germany’s coach Jürgen Kloppu blamed the way that great Mohammed Salah played yesterday’s match against Chelsea, in which last season’s champions celebrated with a 1: 0 lead by Olivier Giroud.

Namely, Salah played quite poorly, in the first half he was given a yellow card for simulation, and after that referee Anthony Taylor did not want to make some mistakes.

“I think Salah has simulated, I do not know if he waited for Cahill to knock him down or not, but that’s something I do not want to see from him.” He is not that type of player, he must be better, he can be better and he will score again. I do not doubt it at all, “Chelsea said.” He simply did not have space, he can play such matches, but this time he is not. “It’s all right,” said Klopp.

Salah scored 43 goals this season, but he has not scored three matches since then, but should not worry anyone.

It was, however, impossible to expect the Egyptian to score two goals in each match and to resolve the match.

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