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Footballer Lyon and former Manchester United defender Rafael revealed in an interview with ESPN how hell was going after Louis van Gaal arrived at the spot of Red Devils.

After the arrival of Van Gaal, the Brazilian learned that the new manager did not like the Brazilians, and when he invited him to the office for a meeting, after only a minute he thanked him and said he could leave the club.

“When Van Gaal took over as a manager, four or five people, including team mates, told me he did not like Brazil, they told me about the conflict Rivaldo had with Van Gaal in Barcelona, ​​but I did not trust them. He called me to the office for the season and said that I could go. The meeting lasted for one minute, but he said, ‘You can go.’ It was time for me to leave the club, but I was desperate to go. I’m sad because I loved everything with Manchester United, “said Raphael.

After that, he discovered the situation in which he came into conflict with the Dutchman, saying that the then United manager only asked the reason for his departure.

“He sent me a message saying,” You know what football is like. “I could not believe it, he did not even talk to me, and he wanted me luck, I was decent and thanked, but I was really furious. He was not a bad manager, but I did not like his character. One day I was in the canteen, I waited for lunch, and Van Gaal talked to us afterwards, I had a head injury and I touched the wound. and I said: ‘Why do not you respect me?’ I stood up and said that it was not like that, I was angry, but I was very patient, I did not do anything wrong. After that, Valencia told me I would not play and was right. I loved that club, and one man did everything to be desperate. I could not stand it anymore, “said Raphael.

The Brazilian arrived in Manchester United in 2008, along with his brother Fabio, and for the seven seasons he played 109 games in which he scored five goals.

In season 2011/12. he wrote two appearances for the national team of Brazil, and currently wears the French Lyon jersey.

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