Emery after winning the title


PSG coach Unai Emery said he believed in the project of the new French champion, he remained a coach next year or not.

The public in France expects the wealthy owners of the PSG to thank Emery at the end of the season and will bring in a new expert in his place, and the main reason is the failure on the European scene.

“When I analyze the situation, if we want to advance in Europe, we need to do it first in the French championship. We have won the seventh title and we are still not close to the top because some teams have ten titles, and this year we have opened the opportunity in other competitions. For 20 years, winning the PSG title was a big deal, today it is also important, but we need to make a place for the Champions League, “Emery said, and continued:

“The first goal is to grow in France, then in Europe, and the club has a stable idea for progress, I am satisfied with the individual plan.” The ambition of the club is clear for me to remain strong in France and to continue to advance in Europe. this project and the progress of the team, with or without me, “finished the PSG coach.

We recall that PSG lost to Real Madrid in the eighth finals of the Champions League, and surely their big handicap was the dislocation of the best player Neymar who was injured immediately before the match with the Royal Club.

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