Bundesliga – Schalke and Hoffenheim to victories


Today’s encounters of 15:30 are the 28th round of the German Bundesliga.

Schalke continued a series of victories and extended it to six games. In Gelsenkirchen Freiburg fell 2-0, and the home team score was scored by Caliguri in the 62nd and Burgstaller in the 73rd minute. Schalkeu was the fifth consecutive win without a goal.

Hoffenheim overcame Cologne 6: 0. After the first half, the host managed to score 1: 0 with Gnabry’s score from the 22nd minute, and then in the second half Horn tapped five times the net from the net. They were hit by Gnabry (47th), Uth (56th and 65th), Rupp (61st) and Zuber (72nd).

Leipzig is celebrated in Hannover 3: 2, while in the remaining two matches of the team share points (Bayer – Augsburg 0: 0 and Stuttgart – HSV 1: 1).



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