Decision prior to the World Cup


French striker Antoine Griezmann is in great trouble as he is facing a tough decision this summer – leaving Atletico or continuing his career at the Madrid club.

Atletico is doing everything possible to keep it, and allegedly put an offer of 20 million euros annually, writes Catalan Sport.

It is also called Barcelona, ​​and in support of the Catalans, its redemption clause is reduced from 200 to 100 million euros.

“I will decide on the future before the World Championship, I want clear heads in Russia, I think that’s the best for everyone. It’s not about where I will play, which also can be hard, but I do not want to receive calls at this sensitive time.” I have a sister I will make the decision before the trip to Russia After my statements last summer it was difficult for me to think about football The red card against Girona additionally worsened things. I only felt good in the national team I was very helpful to Diego Costa coach. he gave me more freedom after he came because he took on a lot of my obligations, “Griezmann told L’Equipe.

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