End of career


Former football talent and soccer player Ismail H’Maidat was arrested for a series of armed robberies, which is why he is likely to finish his sports career.

This Moroccan youth career began in Twente, where he was expelled from the academy for mismanagement, and then settled down in the Crystal Palace, which he delighted with his moves. After that she performs for Anderlecht, then Brescia.

As a footballer in Rome, in which he arrived in 2016, he went to Westerlo for a loan, but that adventure lasted only four months after which he was literally kicked out of the club. Roma broke up a contract that was supposed to last until the end of this season.

The 22-year-old football player, according to media reports in Belgium and Italy, was arrested for a series of armed robberies and in the coming period he is expected to stay in a correctional facility.

Interestingly, Ismail also has a younger brother who also deals with football, and he is currently a member of the youngest Juventus team. His older brother, after all events, should not be an example.

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