A hero of time and ordinary people


The Belgian striker Dries Mertens is one of the great players for Napoli’s great batches this season, and a great offensive is a great humanitarian, and is constantly dealing with things to make others happy, reports Corriere.

Namely, Mertens bought pizzas during low temperatures and big snow, drove through the city and asked homeless people to feed them.

Although he tried to make sure that nobody recognized him, he dressed himself and put on sunglasses, but he did not manage to recognize him.

The Belgian regularly visits hospitals, and Pausilipon is a frequent guest of the Aurora girlfriend who has cancer.

“I want to marry him,” Aurora said after one of Mertens’s many visits.

Otherwise, Dries and wife Katrin live together with two dogs found on the street and help a local shelter for uninhabited animals, which is another proof that the Belgian has a great heart.


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