Liverpool star: Salah


Liverpool’s Mohammed Salah plays a career season and does not want to think about the option of not winning one of his first four places in the Premiership.

Liverpool is currently third in the table behind Manchester City and Manchester United, and ahead of Chelsea and Tottenham who are fifth but only two points less than Reds. It is known that only the top four teams in the league are in the Champions League, so it is a difficult task ahead of Liverpool. Still, Salah believes Reds will eventually be among the top four teams.

“We have to finish among the four best teams, we have to work hard and fight for it. We have fantastic players, trainers and cheerleaders. We all deserve it,” said 25-year-old Salah for Sky Sports.

Liverpool today at 16:00 am welcomes West Ham in the 28th round of the Premiership. Anfield is a special place for Salah.

“When I was here four years ago and played against Liverpool, I told myself that I would like to play here one day. The fans are fantastic and from the first day I feel their support, I want to give more than myself to make them happy” , said the Egyptian.

This season, Salah scored 30 goals in 36 appearances for Reds in all competitions, showing his value after Chelsea, with whom he had a contract from January 2014 to July 2016, did not get a real chance.

“Since I left the Premiership, I wanted to come back, I love the Premiership, I enjoy football, I have not got a chance in Chelsea, but now that I have a chance here, I want to show my football to everyone. , but I’m here now and I am happy because of that. Coach Jurgen Klopp helped me to progress and do what I’m doing now. I have the freedom to play anywhere, but we have a total of 11 in the field so I have to defend myself, attack , doing your job, “Salah said.

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