Only Emerson left


The Sports Director of Rome Monchi revealed in an interview with Italian media that the transfer of Edin Dzeko to Chelsea had failed, and he said that the London team did not send a good enough bid for the duo of Rome.

In the beginning of the negotiations with the Roma, they agreed to transfer only left Emerson’s back, and when Conte requested another striker, Edin Dzeko became the first target of the current England championship in the English and Italian media.

However, from mid-January to the end of the winter transfer period, all information regarding the transfer of Jake to Chelsea remained on speculation, and the best Serie A shooter from last season remained at Olympics. The Sports Director of Rome said that the offer was not attractive enough.

“Roma first talked with Chelsea about the transfer of Emerson, and only after the name of Edin Dzeko was included in the complete story, they sent an offer, we responded to our requests, but they were not satisfied and the job failed. , but when a good offer arrives, it is impossible to estimate it, “Monchi said.

Edin Dzeko scored 11 goals in this season’s Serie A season, and his Roma, after 24 games, were placed in the fourth position with 47 points. Instead of Dzeko, Olivier Giroud arrived at Stamford Bridge as the new striker.

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