Coming to West Ham


West Ham manager David Moyes defended the new player of the London team Patricia Evre who in the first half-season held the Marseille jersey hit the fans during the warm-up.

The Euro reacted violently to the provocations of the fans of Marseille, and for kicking, he was fired at this French club. Still, Moyes thinks he can understand the Euro who was severely injured in his words.

“I’m not worried about Evra, especially after what he told me about the event when he hit the fans, it shows that he will fight for himself and that he will not suffer much. He explained to me what the fan told him and after that I have no what should I object to his reaction. I would not like to do it in my game, but when you hear what the fan said, then you can understand it, “said David Moyes.

Evra arrived in West Ham as a free player, and before Marseille he played for Juventus, Manchester United, Monaco and Nice. The biggest trail left him wearing Red Devils jersey in the period 2006-2014 when he was one of the best left-wing backs in the world.

For the national team of France, the Euro has played 81 matches, and debuted in 2004.

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