Balague: Pochettino will replace Zidane


Spanish football expert Guillema Balague believes that, according to Real President Florentino Perez, he is the first “pick” for the successor to Zinedine Zidane on King’s bench – Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino.

Balague said in a statement to Sky Sports that Pochetino Perez was the number one, number two, number three, and number four for the coaching position.

“Florentino Perez definitely wants Pochettino, there is no doubt about it. I’m pretty sure that both Mauricio and his club know this, but that does not mean anything else.” Pochettino often said that his future is not dependent only on him, and I think that It’s true. Before signing the extension of the contract in May 2016, he had a redemption clause that could only be activated by Real Madrid. Now there is no such redemption clause, so if Real wants to bring him, he will have to reach agreement with Tottenham’s president Daniel Levy, there are also many reasons why Pochettino remains in Spurs, seeing only the way he negotiates with Levy, convincing the players to sign a new contract and, of course, a new stadium next season, but it will not stop Perez if he decides bring in the future, “Balague said.

Otherwise, the Argentine expert gets his own commendations every day for everything he did with Southampton, and he is currently working with Tottenham.

The club from London plays great since his arrival on the bench, and at the end of last year they also celebrated Real Madrid in the group stage of the Champions League.

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