Anniversary of the tragedy


Torino has introduced a special jersey in which his team compete tonight against Atalanta at the 15th rounds of the Italian Serie A, which was designed in honor of dead players of the Brazilian Chapecoensea.

The tragedy that shook the football world took place a year ago, and then the Brazilian club Chapecoense fell in the summer to Colombia at the Copa Libertadores final. Most of the players, club employees and journalists died.

This event is particularly painful for Turin, because the best team of this club was killed in a plane crash on May 5, 1949.

Torino special jersey is green and represents the colors of Chapecoense. They will also be on sale but in a limited number of 1,500 jerseys. Part of the income will be donated to the families of dead footballers.

On the jersey, Turin is a symbol of a bull, which is a sign of grief.

“Toro and Chape united by destiny, friends forever,” was ordered from Turin.

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