The bad condition of captain


Defender Milan Leonardo Bonucci left for Juventus in the transfer worth 42 million euros in the summer and strengthened the San Siro team again was hit by the public in Italy due to a strike by Rossoneri in the Europa League match against Austria.

We recall that guests from Vienna fared well in the 21st minute of the match when Monschein bypassed Donnarummu and sent the ball into the empty net for the great celebration of the visiting players.

However, what surprised everyone at the stadium is the captain’s replay by Milan, who scored the ball on the goal line and when everyone thought that the ball would break into the corner, it passed under his leg and ended up in goal.

Bonucci was again struck by the Italian public who is constantly calling on the former Juventus player, believing that he is one of the main culprits because of the poor results of Milan in this season, and he was brought up as a player who will be the basis for the good results that are in the club’s plan.

In addition to this, the club has major financial problems after the start of the season was not in line with the expectations of the new owners, and great relief is the fact that before the last round of the group phase of the Europa League secured passing in the next round of this competition. Fortunately for Bonucci, Milan in the match against Austria came quickly to a straight line, and later to a 5: 1 victory.

Milan, after 13 games in Serie A, is in seventh place with 19 points, even 16 less than first-placed Napoli and 11 less than Roma in the last place in the Champions League.

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