Pogba after return


One of the best players in the world, Paul Pogba, paid tribute to Libya, a country that has been going through a very difficult period that has been going on for years.

Pogba, 24, fired for more than two months from the ground for injury, and returned to Manchester United yesterday against Newcastle (4: 1) at Old Trafford.

The Frenchman’s midfielder scored a goal and assisted Newcastle in the match and showed how much he missed the Jose Mourinho team.

After the match, Pogba did not hide the pleasure of playing in the match, and took the opportunity to honor Libya.

“I am very happy about the return, my prayers are addressed to those who suffer from slavery in Libya.” Allah is on your side and this cruelty ends, “Pogba wrote on Twitter, while on his Facebook profile he put a” cover “photo with such a description.

Libya was never in a difficult situation, and its crisis culminated with the dismissal of Muammar Gaddafi six years ago.

One of the evidence of the disastrous situation in Libya is the photo of migrant Amadou Sumailea taken a few moments after rescue from the Mediterranean Sea, 20 miles from the Libyan coast. The photo won the prestigious National Portrait Gallery award.

Foto: Cesar Dezfuli


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