Mummies run Italian football


Footballer  Sassuolo Paolo Cannavaro sent a fire to the leaders of the Football Association of Italy after Azzurri defeat and a draw in the barrage against Sweden remained without a place at the World Cup in Russia.

“People, we have not lost the World Cup today, we lost it 15 years ago when people from the world of football in Italy brought losers from all over the world, who stole places for our boys. We gave them glory thanks to our Italian coaches, who are I’m hoping that now that we have touched the bottom, we will finally make a reform of our football. “” Goodbye to the mummies that run Italian football and the space for young players. “” Get out of the way, thank you, “Cannavaro wrote on Instagram.

Then he turned to the legendary goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, who with his tears in his eyes was excused from the national team and remained unavailable at the SP.

“Every honor to the great Buffon, he lost the chance to become the only player to perform at the six world championships, but he stood in front of the camera. I hope that your tears will be the last ones to spill for our football,” added an experienced footballer.

He appealed that the opportunity be given to young players.

“We support the young Italy that comes, become a national team that envied the whole world. This unfortunately has to happen, we wake up,” Cannavaro concluded.


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