Strong punishment

Footballer Marseille Patrice Evra for striking his own fans before the European League against Guimaraes got a ban on playing until the end of the season, UEFA said.

We remind you, during the warming up, the fans sent a variety of curses during the warming, and the former Manchester United and Juventus were reverted by the behavior of irresponsible individuals and approached one fan and hit him in the head.

The leaders of Marseille reacted very quickly and suspended the Euro, and now UEFA has arrived, which has decided to suspend it for seven months, which means it can not play until the end of the current season.

In addition, Evra was fined 10,000 euros, while Marseille received a penalty of 25,000 euros for the behavior of visiting fans.

Guimaraes celebrated in the match against Marseille 1: 0.

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