Ramos opened the door to Neymar

Real Madrid’s captain and Spain’s defender Sergio Ramos opened a door to the Royal Club for Brazil’s Neymar in a conversation for Spanish media, who came from Barcelona to PSG.

Neymar’s departure from Camp Noa is also the most expensive transfer of all time, and the complete story of crossing the Brazilian into Real Madrid came after speculation that his father met with Florentine Perez.

“I want to play with the best players in the world, and Neymar is one of them.” Maybe it was easier for him to go to PSG than to come straight to Real Madrid, but that’s his private decision. “You never know what can happen, because things in football they are changing. The door is open to him if he wants to come, and I have a good relationship with him privately, “said Sergio Ramos.

Neymar has already proved to be a big boost to the PSG, and with his games, goals and assistance he has secured the passage to the Parisians in the group stage of the Champions League, as well as the first place in the French Ligue 1 table with four points more than the second-placed Monaco.

The Brazilian in the French league this season scored seven goals to which he added five assists.

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